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The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, all ministries and commissions under the State Council and all institutions directly under the state council:The civil aviation industry is an important strategic industry in China's economic and social development. Since the reform and opening up, the rapid development of China's civil aviation industry, expanding industry, service capacity increased gradually, the security level increased significantly, and made outstanding contributions to China's reform an...
Release time: 2012 - 08 - 31
In August 28th, the national civil aviation implement the "State Council opinions on promoting the development of the aviation industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") television and telephone conference held in Beijing, the civil aviation bureau director Li Jiaxiang on civil aviation system to implement "some opinions" to make arrangements. Li Jun, deputy director of the civil aviation authority, presided over the meeting and made demands on the implementation of the spirit of the meeting. Li Jian, Xia Xinghua, deputy director of the civil aviation b...
Release time: 2012 - 08 - 31
The day before, the "Interim Measures for civil aviation infrastructure construction project preliminary work fees management" (Civil Aviation No. [2012]82, hereinafter referred to as the "measures" ") implemented by the civil aviation bureau, Ministry of Finance jointly issued. The "measures" is the "Interim Measures" of the civil aviation development fund levy management policy and its implementation in the early work of civil aviation infrastructure construction projects, speed up the civil aviation infrastructure project, plays an important role...
Release time: 2012 - 08 - 31
From August 1st onwards, after the military civil aviation units to study the introduction of the provisional routes, the use of "active release" mechanism will be officially piloted.Temporary routes from the past for the use of civil aviation coordination, transforming military aviation "active release" to provide the use of available information, civil aviation and the airlines will be able to one day before the next day that temporary routes, and the real-time control of temporary routes available to change the situation, the implementation of flexible command and contro...
Release time: 2012 - 08 - 01
China adhesive net information:I. current situation and development trend of industryIndustry status1, production and sales increased rapidlyChina's adhesive production from 2 million 560 thousand tons in 2005 increased to 4 million 50 thousand tons in 2009, increased by 58.2%, the average annual growth rate of 12.15%, sales increased from 25 billion 300 million yuan in 2005 to 52 billion 600 million yuan in 2009, growth of 107.90%, the average annual growth rate of 20.08% (the above data does not include urea formaldehyde, phenol formaldehyde and melamine resin glue), all "11th Five-...
Release time: 2012 - 03 - 09
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