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Yadilite aircraft vacuum toilet sewage equipment

Date: 2015-05-18
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For the convenience of the airline and aircraft maintenance unit circulation cleaning vacuum toilet sewage piping system, because of the flight delays caused by the toilet pipe blockage problem, sewage pipe cleaning equipment our company can provide an advanced. The device has the following six advantages:
1 、 negative pressure cleaning
Modern aircraft are currently using vacuum toilets, sewage pipes in the design of internal pressure to take into account the mechanical properties of the interface and fasteners are designed as a basis for this. For these reasons, whether Airbus or Boeing aircraft, as long as the vacuum toilets, sewage pipes can be applied to the company's YDLTWSGLQXJ-14-2-26 equipment.
2, suitable for wide range of models
For the Airbus series, the equipment can be applied directly to the existing aircraft models; the Boeing series will only need to adjust the direction of the pipeline, so it can be put into use immediately.
3, cleaning effect is good
After several on-site tests on the aircraft, the use of this equipment, and the use of the company's sewage pipe cleaning agent (BD200), the effect of cleaning the best.
4, simple operation, short time
The whole process does not require too much human participation, and the worker only needs to connect the piping in accordance with the cleaning procedure, and then turn on the cleaning equipment. The system will automatically clean the pipe. The whole cleaning time only requires one shift (6 to 8 hours).
5, high safety
The system does not need to use power supply, all use negative pressure circulating air as drive, avoid the use of electrical spark caused by fire and other unsafe factors.
6, convenient collection of used cleaning agent
Since the cleaning is a circulatory system, the cleaning agent shall be returned to the container in accordance with the instructions of the cleaning procedure in the end of the cleaning process, and the waste collection can be completed.
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