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YD201——Pioneer of winter runway pavement

Date: 2013-11-29
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The winter with snowflake brings us a pure and flawless world, but also causes a lot of inconvenience to our travel. Airplane runway is covered with ice and snow so that the appointment of lovers turns into a bubble; highway is covered with ice and snow so that the people away from home have to cancel their visitation; city road is also covered with ice and snow so that there is less laughter around us.

We love the winter, we love the snow, and we will no longer be troubled by the travel only due to the birth of a new, environmentally friendly and efficient snow-melting agent - YD201. As the "pioneer" of winter runway and pavement, YD201 airport pavement deicing and anti-icing fluid is mainly composed of organic salt, supplemented by a variety of corrosion inhibitor compound, and can effectively remove the the thin ice, snow and frost on the runway, apron, highway and bridge. It is a high standard, high-tech and high-quality crystallization of Beijing Yadirit Aviation Chemical Co. Ltd..

High standard The product produced by our company is in line with the international standards of American Society of Motor Vehicles Engineers SAE AMS 1435A and the domestic standards of Civil Aviation Authority of China MH / T 6034-2004. As the product does not contain chloride ions, it will not produce corrosion to the road. The test of National Building Materials Industry Building Materials Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center shows that: the anti-peeling grade of concrete added YD201 is 0, that is, the product is completely not peeling off the concrete. At the same time, the test report of China Civil Aviation Measurement Testing Center also confirms that the product does no damage to the cable. In addition, through the test of the Beijing Physical and Chemical Analysis and Testing Center, the results show that the heavy metals of the product, including lead chromium cadmium mercury, chloride, sulfide, COD (chemical oxygen demand), BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) are very low, indicating its excellent environmental protection.

High-tech This product that researched and developed independently by our company was approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of China certification in early 2011, and was used by a number of domestic airports for the anti-ice deicing of runway, taxiway, apron, its excellent product performance gains praise of majority of the customers! YD201 can be completely dissolved in water, de-icing efficiency is higher than conventional de-icing products and smaller use, and does no damage to the vegetation; stock freezing point is as low as -60 ℃, even in the cold weather, it can also meet the requirements of all regions!

High-quality Our company is a state-level high-tech enterprise, with efficient management, a strong scientific research team and excellent marketing team. Adhere to the professional philosophy of "customer service", so as to realize rapid response and make it in one step! We are sincerely willing to work with our customers to discuss cooperation, and we are wholeheartedly at your service!

 YD201 - "pioneer" of winter runway pavement! Technology makes life better!


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