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Development plan tape in 12th Five-Year

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Date: 2012-03-09
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China adhesive net information:
I. current situation and development trend of industry
Industry status
1, production and sales increased rapidly
China's adhesive production from 2 million 560 thousand tons in 2005 increased to 4 million 50 thousand tons in 2009, increased by 58.2%, the average annual growth rate of 12.15%, sales increased from 25 billion 300 million yuan in 2005 to 52 billion 600 million yuan in 2009, growth of 107.90%, the average annual growth rate of 20.08% (the above data does not include urea formaldehyde, phenol formaldehyde and melamine resin glue), all "11th Five-Year" planning regulations were higher than the annual growth rate of 11.5% and 11.8% indicators were higher than the growth of the national economy. It can be seen that the growth of adhesive sales in China is higher than that of output, which indicates that the value of China's adhesive products has been greatly improved during the period of 11th Five-Year.
Our tape production from 2005 7 billion 300 million to 2009 12 billion 500 million increase??, growth of 71.23%, the average annual growth rate of 14.57%, an increase of $23 billion 700 million from 2009 to 2005 sales of 13 billion 200 million yuan, up 79.55%, the average annual growth rate of 15.75%, higher than the "11th Five-Year" were planning a growth rate of 11% and 12% index.
2, enterprise scale is continually expanding, progress in industrial restructuring, enterprise efficiency continues to improve, according to my recent statistics: 2009 sales reached 100 million yuan more than the adhesive and tape enterprises reached more than 160, the adhesive tape business sales over 500 million yuan of 11, part of the low-end products gradually reduced or eliminated.
3, after nearly twenty years of development, especially the "fifteen", "11th Five-Year" period of rapid growth, basically forming a relatively complete variety, basic facilities, product quality good industry system, China has become the largest producer of adhesives and adhesive tape and power consumption.
Two major issues and constraints
1, industrial structural contradiction, the majority of enterprise technology innovation and research and development ability is low, backward production technology and equipment, low grade of products, high-end products, product performance and quality level of large gap compared with developed countries, the standard level of most products is low, especially the quality problems of some central enterprises are prominent. This is the main factor that restricts the sustained and rapid growth of adhesive and adhesive tapes in our country.
2, energy-saving emission reduction, environmental protection tasks heavy. More solvent products, large output, rapid growth momentum has not been effectively curbed, some of the products in the solvent or harmful toxic substances exceeded the standard, many small and medium-sized enterprises' "three wastes" emissions are not up to standard.
3, production enterprises, small scale, wide distribution, low industrial concentration, difficult to concentrate resources and manpower to carry out research on some major scientific and technological projects and key projects, it is difficult to establish product quality supervision mechanism strictly, the market order is not standardized, fake and shoddy products have occurred.
4, some of the main raw materials and related auxiliary supply in short supply, expensive. For the part of the main raw material of adhesive and additives shortage, the price is expensive, the impact of China's development of adhesives and adhesive tape, mainly SIS, EVA, PA, PET (polyamide), synthetic resin, special monomers such as vinyl ester of Versatic acid (VV-10), and supporting the use of adhesive additives, such as emulsifying agent, thixotropic agent, dehydrating agent, wetting agent, cross-linking agent and coupling agent.
Three industry development trend
1, focusing on the development of environmentally friendly energy-saving products: water-based, hot melt, ecotype, solvent-free, light curing (UV), high solid content and biodegradable and easy recycling and other environment-friendly products.
Development plan of Chinese synthetic adhesive and adhesive tape in 12th Five-Year
2011/6/29/10:0 source: China Adhesives Industry Association
2, focus on the development of high-tech and special type products: all kinds of modified type, special type and reaction type, nanometer type and multi-functional high performance high quality multi purpose products, especially for high-tech products of solar energy, wind power generation, rail transportation and electronics and other emerging industries.
3, enterprises will accelerate the development of large-scale and intensive industries, and concentrate on the chemical industry parks.
Two, guiding ideology, basic principles and objectives
I. General Idea
Thoroughly implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, with an international perspective and strategic thinking, a good grasp of the current and long-term relationship, and vigorously promote the development of industrial adhesives and adhesive tape, promote the upgrading of the industrial structure, import substitution, improve self-sufficiency rate, embarked on a new road of sustainable development.
Two basic principles
1, adhere to the combination of scientific and technological innovation and industrial revitalization, play the leading role and support role of science and technology, accelerate the transformation of growth mode, promote industrial upgrading, improve the proportion of middle and high grade products, and promote product upgrading.
2, adhere to solve the current problems and focus on long-term integration, both treatment. In accordance with the focus of the cross, to lead the future requirements, and enhance the development potential.
3, adhere to the technical transformation and combination of independent innovation, increase the digestion and absorption of imported technology efforts to promote the progress of industrial technology; strengthen technological innovation, promote the system integration and industrial technology; strengthen the key and cutting-edge technology research and development, enhance their ability to support the development of independent innovation of industry.
4, adhere to the enterprise as the main body, market-oriented, combined production, production and research, and give full play to the basic role of market allocation of resources. Guide all kinds of innovation factors to the enterprise agglomeration, make the enterprise truly become the main body of research and development investment, the main body of the implementation of technological innovation activities and the main body of the application of innovation results.

Three overall development goals
1, production and sales remained steady and rapid growth
I will consider: 1, in the "12th Five-Year" period, the world and the economic environment of our country, our country more variable; the adhesive and adhesive tape production already has a large scale, it is difficult to continue to maintain the "11th Five-Year" during the period of high growth rate; thirdly, the adjustment of industrial structure and technological innovation is a difficult long-term work, to receive a significant effect in the short term. Therefore, I will put forward: "12th Five-Year" period (2011 -2015) development goal of our adhesives is: yield average annual growth rate of 10%, with an average annual sales growth rate of 12%, so that by the end of 2015 China's adhesive production up to 7 million 170 thousand tons, sales of up to 103 billion 800 million yuan ($15 billion 970 million). Tape development goals are: to yield an average annual growth rate of 7.5%, with an average annual sales growth rate of 10%, so that by the end of 2015, China's tape output will reach 19 billion 300 million square meters, sales will reach 42 billion yuan ($6 billion 460 million). By then, China's adhesive and adhesive tape production and sales will be among the world's top.
2, product structure optimization and upgrading
Eliminate some of backward production capacity and high content of toxic and harmful substances in products, such as 107 glue (formaldehyde glue), limit the development of universal solvent adhesives, vigorously develop water-based, hot melt type environmental friendly adhesive, vigorously develop high-tech products, and strive to high value-added product value at the end of 2015 the industry ratio reached 30% above, the transformation of economic growth mode from quantity expansion to quality and efficiency, the quality and grade of the product is greatly improved, in the domestic market competitiveness significantly enhanced.
3, new product development to achieve tangible results
Increase in product variety, especially in some high-tech and special products increased significantly, can basically meet the needs of the field of multi-level production, consumption, above scale (annual sales of more than 100 million yuan) of enterprise new product output rate of more than 30%.
4, improve and perfect the quality guarantee system
Detection and evaluation of products, quality assurance and quality standard system construction will strengthen and improve the quality of supervision, will further increase the level of product quality to a new level, key product adoption rate will reach 100%, the product of toxic and harmful substances content decreased obviously, all at or below the national and industry standards, and standards to the international standard.
5, remarkable progress has been made in energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection
The momentum of rapid growth of solvent based products will be effectively curbed, the basic realization of low toxic and non-toxic solvent in solvent products in full coverage, the amount of solvent is reduced by more than 10%, all built gas recycling and processing device solvent products production enterprises, reduce the consumption of resources and energy, strengthen the recycling of waste material utilization, and strive in the "energy consumption per unit product" at the end of 12th Five-Year fell more than 10%, the consumption of raw materials is reduced by more than 5%.
6, brand building has achieved results.
Planning and construction of 10-12 good quality, high visibility, strong market competitiveness, strong development momentum of brand products at home and abroad in the same industry well-known brands, independent brand sales revenue accounted for more than 60% of sales.
Three, development direction and priority theme
I. Development Priorities
1, increase investment in scientific and technological innovation, improve the ability of research and development of new products, research and development of a group of independent intellectual property rights of high-tech products and energy-saving products, and strive to the end of 2015, all set up scientific research or research center above scale enterprises, scientific research funds of the total sales of more than 3%.
2, improve the level of production technology and product quality testing methods, improve product stability, reliability, safety and efficiency, strengthen and improve the after-sales service system.
3, improve the enterprise scale and industrial concentration, and strive in the "12th Five-Year" at the end of more than 200 million yuan sales adhesive enterprises reached 150, with sales of 1 billion yuan in adhesive enterprises reached 15, industry concentration is more than 60%.
4, speed up the product standard revision work, and strive in the "12th Five-Year" at the end, more than 80% of the products have to formulate industry and national standards. At the same time, we should vigorously improve the adaptability and advanced nature of the standards and gradually integrate with the international practice.
Two priority topics
1, optimize the product mix, improve product quality
By speeding up the scientific research and technological innovation, the market regulation and administrative intervention simultaneously, eliminate a number of backward production capacity and level of inferior products, general products to reduce and limit the growth of a number of serious excess capacity, and promote the development of various types of modified type, special type and reaction type, nano type and other high-tech products. Such as modified acrylic adhesive, polyurethane rubber, modified silicone sealant and epoxy resin, reactive polyurethane hot-melt adhesives, electronics, security, etc. various kinds of heat cold and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, medical pressure-sensitive adhesive and adhesive tape products.
2, develop environmental protection and energy saving products
Take effective measures to curb the rapid growth of the solvent type product momentum, accelerating the development and application of various with water-based adhesives and adhesive, hot melt, solvent free development and ecological, light curing (UV), low temperature and normal temperature curing, high solid content type energy-saving environmental protection adhesive, following solvent adhesive the annual growth rate of 11.22% during the period from 11th Five-Year 2015 and gradually decreased to 3%.

3, improve product quality
To improve the adhesive, sealant and adhesive tape product stability, safety and reliability, through innovation and technology transformation of equipment technology, the use of advanced technology and management, continuously improve the reliability and stability of different batches of the product quality, reduce or eliminate the unqualified products, ensure the products in toxic and harmful substances, content at or below the national standard, and strive to to meet international standards.
Four, key development projects
Development and application of chloroprene rubber based water adhesive
With water to replace toluene, ethyl acetate, solvents, gasoline, butanone and other organic solvents, its performance and quality requirements basically meet or exceed the level of solvent based products, in order to achieve the safety of such products and environmental protection and energy saving.
Two development and application of environmental protection and energy saving polyurethane adhesive
1, in the "12th Five-Year" period, China should focus on the development and promotion of waterborne polyurethane adhesives in shoe-making, composite packaging, fabric composite, carpentry, light industry, construction and vehicle areas. Guangdong Nanhai Power Chemical Co., Ltd. and Beijing Chemical Research Institute have realized the industrialization of waterborne polyurethane shoes, but still need to constantly improve the process technology and promote the use of
2, soft packaging by solvent-free two-component polyurethane adhesive industrialization and application and the development and application of ultraviolet or electron beam curing one component polyurethane adhesive for flexible packaging, flexible packaging industry to achieve environmental protection, health, safety and energy saving requirements.
Development and application of biodegradable hot melt adhesive with three high performance
1, in the "12th Five-Year" period, China will focus on the development and promotion of high performance thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer hot melt adhesive (TPU) and reactive polyurethane hot-melt adhesive (PUR).
2, research and development of biodegradable polylactic acid (PLA) hot melt adhesive and polyester amide hot melt adhesive.
3, the use of nylon, polyester and other waste products and waste recycling or resin, preparation of copolyamide (PA) and copolyester (PES) hot melt adhesive.
Four research and develop some high performance, high quality and high value-added adhesive
There are: 1, conductive adhesive, insulation adhesive, photoresist, high peeling strength of epoxy resin adhesive, solar cell module back film and special high temperature resistant HMPSA and other high-end products; 2, all kinds of adhesives, such as silicone modified polyurethane glue, glue, polyurethane modified epoxy resin, modified acrylic adhesive, modified organic silicon, organic fluorine modified acrylic adhesive modified acrylates have excellent properties such as adhesive; 3, UV curing acrylic adhesive, polyurethane glue and other environmentally friendly adhesives; 4, polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesive, solvent free adhesive, latent curing type and multifunctional nano adhesive. To meet the needs of China's automobile, rail transportation, electronic and electrical appliances, large motors, new energy, aerospace and other emerging industries to develop, and reduce dependence on imported products.

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