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Civil aviation pilot temporary active release mechanism

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Date: 2012-08-01
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From August 1st onwards, after the military civil aviation units to study the introduction of the provisional routes, the use of "active release" mechanism will be officially piloted.
Temporary routes from the past for the use of civil aviation coordination, transforming military aviation "active release" to provide the use of available information, civil aviation and the airlines will be able to one day before the next day that temporary routes, and the real-time control of temporary routes available to change the situation, the implementation of flexible command and control and arrange the flight operation. This is a major reform in the way China's airspace resources are used.
The temporary route is China important airspace resources, is currently the implementation of civil aviation domain and flexible use of the main organization in promoting the sharing, improve the operation efficiency of aviation and energy saving and emission reduction play a positive role. From 2009 to the end of June this year, a total of 1 million 65 thousand flights using temporary routes, save the flight distance of 39 million 250 thousand km, a preliminary estimate of fuel saving 212 thousand tons, reducing 672 thousand tons of carbon dioxide.
It is understood that after the implementation of the new mechanism, predict and certainty of the use of temporary routes is expected to substantially increase the work load of civil aviation, line control personnel will be reduced, the enthusiasm for the use of the airlines will be protected and encouraged better, so as to improve the efficiency in the use of temporary routes, to further promote energy-saving emission reduction in the field of aviation. (reporter Qian Chunxian)

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