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The Interim Measures for the administration

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Date: 2012-08-31
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The day before, the "Interim Measures for civil aviation infrastructure construction project preliminary work fees management" (Civil Aviation No. [2012]82, hereinafter referred to as the "measures" ") implemented by the civil aviation bureau, Ministry of Finance jointly issued. The "measures" is the "Interim Measures" of the civil aviation development fund levy management policy and its implementation in the early work of civil aviation infrastructure construction projects, speed up the civil aviation infrastructure project, plays an important role in improving the quality of the project preparatory work etc..
According to the "measures", the state will from the Civil Aviation Development Fund for special funds to carry out preparatory work for the civil aviation infrastructure construction projects, for the use of pre charge infrastructure construction projects must comply with the provisions of the Civil Aviation Development Fund purposes, scope of specific projects including safety projects, airport project, air traffic control project, the progress of science and technology, high-tech and other countries focus on supporting the Civil Aviation Administration of industry development projects, scientific research institutions and institutions directly under the civil aviation infrastructure projects, flight check, emergency rescue, airworthiness certification etc.. Among them, the airport project must be based on the authority of investment management by the civil aviation authority or the competent authority of the State Council to examine and approve the project, the local airport project upfront fees, in principle, support the establishment of New Regional Airport project.
According to the "measures", the scope of expenditure survey, site fees, design fees, test fee, feasibility study fees, the preparatory work for the budget and the tendering agency fees, preliminary design and budget review fees, consulting fees and review technical books materials etc.. Taking into account the actual difficulties in the implementation of some units, and ensure the smooth progress of the project ahead of schedule, the necessary land use related costs are also included in the scope of pre expenditure.
"Measures" stipulates that the civil aviation authority should be integrated with the overall development needs of the industry, industry development planning and special construction planning, according to the principle of priority, arrangements for pre budget. In the implementation of the budget, the pre payment of funds paid in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Treasury Treasury management system, must be earmarked. For the projects approved for construction, the preliminary fees shall be included in the project budget estimate as the investment subsidy of the Civil Aviation Development Fund, and shall be included in the construction costs in accordance with relevant regulations. Without approval or the approval after the cancellation of the project, the charges for the use of units should be put forward for verification in accordance with the budget reporting procedures, and to provide an initial fee use and file cannot be started on the basis of the Civil Aviation Administration of the application materials, summary review and report to the Ministry of Finance for approval after verification processing.
"Measures" pointed out that the civil aviation authority, the civil aviation authority is responsible for the use of pre fee tracking and supervision, and accept the financial, auditing and other departments supervision and inspection.

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