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Opinions on promoting the development

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Date: 2012-08-31
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In August 28th, the national civil aviation implement the "State Council opinions on promoting the development of the aviation industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") television and telephone conference held in Beijing, the civil aviation bureau director Li Jiaxiang on civil aviation system to implement "some opinions" to make arrangements. Li Jun, deputy director of the civil aviation authority, presided over the meeting and made demands on the implementation of the spirit of the meeting. Li Jian, Xia Xinghua, deputy director of the civil aviation bureau, and Liang Chaoping, head of the discipline inspection team, attended the meeting. Representatives of the seven units of the civil aviation authorities and the grass-roots units exchanged views and measures on the implementation of several opinions from different angles.
All civil servants civil aviation authorities, CAAC regional administration and Supervision Bureau, the Civil Aviation Air Traffic Management Bureau and the Regional Air Traffic Management Bureau team members, leading enterprises and institutions directly under the civil aviation authority, leading airlines, three Security Corporation, General Aviation Corporation, Airport Inc and other units to participate in television and telephone conference.
Li Jiaxiang said, "some opinions" is an important document for development of the first comprehensive guidance of civil aviation industry since the establishment of the State Council issued the China, is a major strategic decision made in the key period of the development of the aviation industry, fully embodies the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on the development of the aviation industry and attaches great importance to the civil aviation job expectations, great support civil aviation will greatly inspire the cadres and staff's confidence and determination, will have a significant and far-reaching impact on power, promoting the development of the aviation industry. He asked the industry to accurately understand and deeply understand the rich connotation and spiritual essence of several opinions, and take the initiative to return the country and society with new achievements in the sound and rapid development of the civil aviation industry.
Li Jiaxiang on the whole industry to implement the "opinions" put forward four aspects of the requirements.
First, we should have a profound understanding of the significance of a number of opinions and promote the construction of civil aviation power with a high sense of responsibility and mission.
Li Jiaxiang said, "some opinions" clearly put forward "with the civil aviation industry in China's economic and social development of the important strategic industries", marks the development of the civil aviation industry rises for national strategy, strategy of construction of civil aviation power into the national strategic system. This is not only a major historical opportunity for the development of the aviation industry, but also a unified understanding of the whole society, outside the industry agglomeration strength, improve the industry internal and external development environment, accelerate the formation of the civil aviation industry development efforts, is of great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance; to reform and innovation, solve the problem of civil aviation development, accelerate the implementation of civil aviation power the strategy, will play a huge role in promoting.
Li Jiaxiang stressed that "a number of opinions" the introduction of the history of the development of civil aviation industry event, is a programmatic document guiding the development of China's civil aviation industry at present and in the future, is also a new starting point of China's civil aviation industry development. Civil aviation system should have a profound understanding of the significance of "opinions", with a high sense of responsibility and mission to promote the construction of civil power, more active service in national and regional economic and social development, more active as, constantly trying to crack the problem of development of civil aviation.
Two, we should accurately grasp the general requirements of several opinions and thoroughly implement the Scientific Outlook on Development and establish the concept of sustainable security.
Li Jiaxiang pointed out that the overall requirements of several opinions were clear and the guiding opinions were clear-cut; the development goals were specific and the development requirements were comprehensive. To achieve development goals "several opinions" put forward, we must adhere to the guidance of Scientific Outlook on Development, adhere to the "continuous security" as a prerequisite for the development of civil aviation, correctly handle the safety and efficiency, safety and service, security and safety, speed and scale, safety and management of five aspects of the relationship. To change the mode of development as the main line to promote the development of the aviation industry, to effectively change the extensive mode of development, improve the utilization efficiency of resources and energy, and strive to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly aviation; implement intensive and convenient, and constantly improve the quality of development; actively adapt to the national economic and social development, improve the service ability; especially to solve the bottleneck of the development of talent resources. Adhere to the reform and innovation as a driving force for the development of the civil aviation industry. Through deepening reform, solve new problems appear in the process of advanced management methods and operation mechanism in the adjustment, further construction of civil aviation resource allocation mechanism is fair, open and transparent, and promote the industry healthy and orderly competition, and further improve the cadre open selection and competition mechanism, long-term mechanism of talent exchange between the establishment of the civil aviation administrative organs at all levels and enterprises.
Three, we should fully implement the main tasks of several opinions and effectively change the mode of development and speed up the adjustment of the industrial structure.
Li Jiaxiang pointed out that the current and future long period, the development of China's civil aviation industry is still mainly has great social needs and key resources, the rapid development of the industry and the safety of solid foundation, highlight the strategic position and the system of organization and the international air transport liberalization and the overall competitiveness is not strong, the sustainable development of the industry and the innovation ability of five the basic contradiction, but also facing the problem of East Midwest development of civil aviation industry structure unbalance, development and linkage to other modes of transportation, civil aviation enterprises of different operation mode and cooperation pattern has not yet formed, general aviation air transport development lags behind the four aspects.

Therefore, the civil aviation authority will continue to strengthen macro-control, improve the industrial policy as the focal point, further construction of macro policy system to speed up the civil aviation industry development mode transformation and structural adjustment, promote the market through administrative transfer mode, adjust the structure of guide, I formulated the national aviation industry development policy as soon as possible, a comprehensive combing industry on economic policy, focus on to solve the consistency and differences of policy issues such as the consolidation of the industry, a good momentum of development.
Li Jiaxiang asked the civil aviation operators to play a major role in changing the mode of development and accelerating the adjustment of the industrial structure. The airline will further clear development ideas, and gradually form a differentiated strategy, create different operation mode and development path of high-quality Airlines; the airport should pay special attention to the problem of strategic positioning, the development pattern of the formation of large international hub, a regional hub and small airport division interaction, the airport construction and development of our country better the service of the national economy and social development of the regional economy; ATC should actively adapt to the new requirements of the rapid development of civil aviation, and actively coordinate and solve effectively the development of civil aviation airspace resources, adjust and improve the route network layout, accelerate the popularization and application of new technologies, improve facilities and equipment, air traffic management system to build a safe and efficient, airworthiness and maintenance; fuel supply, information services and other related services of air materiel support unit to adapt to Rapid development of civil aviation and the strong support of sustainable development, enhance the international competitiveness of the aviation industry as the starting point, to accelerate the construction of safe and reliable operation, high efficiency, low cost and advanced technology, service innovation and strong service guarantee system, to adapt to the rapid development of civil aviation, civil aviation security in accordance with the needs of users of market subject.
He said that the civil aviation bureau will also focus on guiding large network airline to enhance international competitiveness, promote regional aviation and air cargo development, cultivation of low cost airlines, to take macro-control means to guide the Airlines fleet structure with strong market adaptability; with the airport planning and construction, and strive to 2020 cover 89% of the country's aviation service population; fully supports the development of general aviation, general aviation enterprises in various regions, general aviation to accelerate the cultivation of new economic growth point.
Four, we should promptly implement the policy measures of several opinions and actively seek support from all sides and form a resultant force for the development of civil aviation.
Li Jiaxiang said that the industry chain of civil aviation is long, involving a wide range and high degree of social connections, and external support is an important condition for the development of the civil aviation industry. For a long time, the central leadership has always attached great importance to civil aviation work, and has made a series of important instructions on the overall work of civil aviation. The central ministries, as well as the party committees and government leaders of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), have provided strong support and assistance for the reform and development of civil aviation. He asked the civil aviation system leading cadres at all levels especially authorities16functional departments comrades, to actively carry out multi-level work, take the initiative to report the situation of civil aviation, suggestions for the parties to continue to support the development of the civil aviation industry, "to ensure that the objectives and tasks of a number of opinions" into practice.
One is to actively seek the support of relevant departments, the building is conducive to the development of the aviation industry external environment; two is to actively support the government at all levels, and strive to build a civil public policy system and security mechanism of funds; three is to guide and mobilize the enthusiasm of the local governments at all levels, play in the development of the aviation industry in particular subject the role of airport construction and development, to guide local governments to effectively implement the airport safety investment and management responsibilities, overall planning of aviation industry and regional economic development strategy.
Li Jiaxiang finally stressed that the implementation of the "opinions" is the main body of civil aviation units, the implementation of "no effect", how much effect, mainly depends on the work of civil aviation units. All units of Civil Aviation (departments) should study and understand the spirit of several opinions as the primary task at present, and earnestly put their ideas and actions in line with the requirements of several opinions. We should closely integrate learning with promoting work, study carefully, further improve the working thinking, innovate the working methods, and improve the actual effect of work. The civil aviation bureau relevant departments to clear objectives and responsibility, pay close attention to the implementation of the task decomposition, in particular to strengthen communication and coordination with relevant ministries and strive for more specific and more specific policies. Civil aviation units (departments) should act immediately, and strive for the local Party committee and government to introduce relevant policies to support the development of the civil aviation industry, and ensure the implementation of the spirit of several opinions.
Li Jun will implement the television and telephone conference, put forward three requirements: one to grasp the spirit of "a number of opinions", the strategic position of civil aviation development better understanding, grasp the principle, clear objectives and tasks, detailed policies and measures to implement the "opinions" continue to deepen. Two to learn from experience, learn to be held in Wuhan in July 25th to implement the "units" several opinions of the State Council on promoting the development of the aviation industry forum and the conference to provide experience, and pay attention to and sum up their good practices and experience. Three, to resolve the implementation of the task, civil aviation units should pay attention to the implementation of the "opinions" of the various tasks of decomposition, combined with the actual unit itself, analysis of the situation, sort out the work, and achieved good results.

At the meeting, the Civil Aviation Bureau Secretary Diao Yonghai report development plan and analyzes the present situation of airport planning and construction of our country and promoting measures; Pan Yixin of vice director of Finance Division is actively constructing civil aviation financial policy system, to perfect the mechanism of multiple means to speak; Transportation Secretary Shi Boli will grasp the strategic opportunities as the theme to promote the development of large-scale general aviation. Secretary of the party; Civil Aviation Administration of Northwest Wu Chengchang on how to take the platform, built mechanism, guide the local government to give full play to the main role in the development of civil aviation communication practices; Civil Aviation University of China president Wu Tongshui on how to strengthen the school running characteristics of Civil Aviation University of Civil Aviation College, bear the responsibility of supporting the development of civil aviation technical personnel about the idea; Xiamen Airlines chairman and general manager of the car is still with the development of the round of Xiamen Airlines airlines to serve the regional development strategy; Heilongjiang Airport Group General Manager Sun Chunjing introduced the airport to promote regional hub strategy, boosting local economic development experience.

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