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Date: 2012-08-31
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The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, all ministries and commissions under the State Council and all institutions directly under the state council:
The civil aviation industry is an important strategic industry in China's economic and social development. Since the reform and opening up, the rapid development of China's civil aviation industry, expanding industry, service capacity increased gradually, the security level increased significantly, and made outstanding contributions to China's reform and opening-up and socialist modernization construction. But the problem of the current civil aviation industry in the development of unbalanced, uncoordinated airspace is still more prominent, irrational allocation of resources, infrastructure development is slow, lack of professionals, the competitiveness of enterprises is not strong, the management system needs to be rationalized restricts the sustainable development of civil aviation industry. In order to promote the sound development of the civil aviation industry, the following opinions are hereby put forward:
I. General requirements
(1) guiding ideology. With Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as guidance, thoroughly implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, to change the mode of development as the main line, to reform and innovation, follow the law of development of aviation economy, insist on taking the lead in development, security and sustainable development, improve the quality of development, enhance the international competitiveness, and strive to meet the economic and social development and people's the travel needs.
(two) basic principles.
People first, safety first. Establish and implement the concept of sustainable security, and provide safe and high quality aviation services for society.
- overall planning and coordinated development. We will co-ordinate the development of civil aviation and military aviation, civil aviation and other modes of transportation, civil aviation and related industries as well as coordinated development among regions.
- active adaptation and moderate lead. Strengthen infrastructure construction, raise equipment level and service support ability.
- emancipating the mind, reforming and innovating. Breaking the obstacles of system and mechanism to liberate and develop the civil aviation productivity.
- adjusting structure and expanding efficiency. Reasonable use of airspace and other resources, increase flight capacity, and promote technological progress and energy saving and emission reduction.
(three) development goals. By 2020, China's civil aviation services expanded significantly, significantly improve the quality of service, improve the international competitiveness and influence the sustainable development capability significantly enhanced the modernization of civil aviation security system is formed, convenient, efficient and green.
- air transport continues to expand the scale of annual total transport turnover reached 170 billion ton kilometers, the average annual growth of 12.2%, the national per capita flight number reached 0.5.
- - the quality of air transport service has been steadily improved, and the safety level has been ranked in the forefront of the world. The rate of major accidents in transport aviation for millions of hours is no more than 0.15, and the regular rate of flights has been raised to more than 80%.
- general aviation to achieve large-scale development, the total flight amounted to 2 million hours, an average annual growth of 19%.
- economic and social benefits are even more pronounced, and aviation services cover 89% of the population.
Two, the main task
(four) strengthening airport planning and construction. The airport, especially the transport airport, is an important public infrastructure. In accordance with the requirements of the overall economic and social development of the state and the strategy of opening to the outside world, we should step up our efforts to perfect the layout and intensify our efforts in construction. Airport Planning and construction should be appropriate, but also do, but reserved good development space, ensuring safety, economical, energy saving and environmental protection. In accordance with the principle of building a comprehensive transportation system, the effective connection between the airport and other modes of transportation should be ensured. Focus on Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou airport completed a major international aviation hub functional, global radiation, Kunming, Urumqi and other cultivation gateway airport, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, to enhance Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi'an, Changsha airport and other large regional hub function. New regional airports should consider the need for national defense construction and the development of general aviation, and accelerate the upgrading of existing airport capacity in combination with the actual situation. To integrate airport resources, strengthen the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Beijing, Tianjin and other urban agglomeration areas, airport functions complement each other. We should pay attention to the planning and construction of airport supporting facilities, complete the infrastructure such as passenger service, air cargo distribution, and oil supply, etc. large airports should plan and build integrated integrated transportation hubs.
(five) arrange domestic routes network scientifically. Build a domestic aviation network with international hub airports and domestic trunk airports as backbone, feeder and commuter airports as complementary. Focus on the construction of the annual passenger throughput of more than 10 million passengers, inter airport air express network. Strengthen the trunk line, the branch line connection and the branch line connection, enhances the small and medium-sized airport the access and the utilization rate. In the western region and ground transportation area as the focus, the meet the safety requirements of affordable aircraft, the implementation of the "general aviation service plan". Optimize the route network between the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao, increase cross-strait routes, flights and navigation points. Improve the freight line network, promote the application of Internet of things technology, in accordance with the requirements of modern logistics, speed up the development of air cargo, and actively carry out multimodal transport.
(six) vigorously develop general aviation. The consolidation of agricultural, forestry and aviation traditional business, the positive development of emergency rescue, medical assistance, marine rights, private flights, business flights of new general aviation services, general aviation to accelerate the cultivation of new economic growth point. Promote the establishment and development of general aviation enterprises, through the establishment of exemplary enterprises, encourage exploration of business models, innovative management mechanisms, improve management levels. To promote the comprehensive reform of the general aviation general aviation pilot, strengthen infrastructure construction, improve the system of general aviation regulations and standards, improve general aviation supervision, to create a good environment conducive to the development of general aviation.

(seven) strive to enhance international aviation competitiveness. In line with the new trend of opening to the outside world and the development of international air transport, the overall opening policy of international air transport should be studied in accordance with the principle of win-win cooperation. We should encourage domestic passenger and cargo airlines to lay a solid foundation for development, enhance their management, develop international markets and enhance international competitiveness, so as to become an international airline capable of providing global services. We will improve the establishment of international routes, focus on developing and developing long-range international routes, encrypt routes from Europe and America, and increase the international routes connecting South America and africa. We will strengthen ties with neighboring countries and promote the process of aviation integration with ASEAN countries. We will strengthen international aviation exchanges and cooperation, and actively participate in the formulation of international standards for civil aviation.
(eight) continue to improve the quality of transport services. Efforts should be made to improve the normal rate of flights in accordance with scientific scheduling and strong requirements. Establish a public aviation delay forecast and notification system, improve the large area flight delays warning and emergency response mechanism, regulate the service after flight delays. Popularize information technology, optimize operation flow, improve equipment capability and ensure the quality of luggage transportation. Improve the service quality standard system and implementation methods, simplify the procedures, innovate service products, build characteristic brands, and improve consumer satisfaction.
(nine) efforts should be made to improve aviation safety. Adhere to the "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management" policy, firmly establish the concept of sustainable security, improve safety regulations and system, establish and improve long-term mechanism of safety production. Adhere to and improve the responsibility system for production safety, and strictly implement the responsibility of the operators of production and operation units. Implementation of security risks listed supervision system and security accountability system, the implementation of more stringent security assessment and accountability. To improve aviation security system, strengthen communication and coordination with local government departments in charge of industry, to ensure air safety. Strengthen the management of professional and technical personnel qualifications, strict flight, air traffic control, maintenance, dispatch, security and other key positions, personnel qualification. Increase safety input, strengthen safety production information construction, and actively promote the application of safe operation, management of new technologies, new equipment. Strengthen the emergency rescue system, improve emergency plans for major emergencies.
(ten) speeding up the construction of modern ATC system. Adjust and improve the route network layout, the construction of the large capacity air channel, to promote the parallel route busy route designated airspace structure, optimal route structure and the airport terminal area busy area, increase the busy airport arrival and departure routes, in the sea area to increase the number of flying international routes. Optimize the integration of air traffic control zoning, and rationally plan and build high-altitude control zones. Vigorously promote the new generation of ATC system, strengthen air traffic control, navigation, surveillance capabilities and meteorological and intelligence services capacity-building, improve equipment operation and management level. Improve the management system and operation mechanism of civil aviation atc.
(eleven) to build green low-carbon aviation. The implementation of the flight route cutting and straightening, improve the efficiency of temporary routes, optimize the ground operation organization, reduce ineffective flight and waiting time. Encourage airlines to introduce energy-saving environmental protection models, eliminate the old aircraft with high energy consumption. To promote the reform of aircraft fuel saving, promote bio fuel research and application, and formulate countermeasures to cope with the global climate change impact on aviation. Formulate and implement green airport construction standards, promote the application of energy conservation, environmental protection materials and new energy, and implement the contract energy management. Establish a noise monitoring system for large airports to strengthen the construction of sound waste treatment facilities.
(twelve) actively support domestic civil aircraft manufacturing. Encourage the civil aviation industry and the aviation industry to form a linkage mechanism for scientific research, strengthen airworthiness certification and aircraft operation review capacity-building, and improve airworthiness certification organization system. We should actively serve the strategic services of large aircraft, and encourage the R & D and application of domestic regional aircraft and general aircraft. To guide the localization of aircraft, engines and airborne equipment, and to establish a domestic civil aviation product manufacturing system suitable for the development of China's civil aviation industry, and establish and improve the after-sale service and operation support technical system. We will actively expand bilateral airworthiness zones, such as China, the United States and central Europe, and improve the level of airworthiness and international cooperation.
(thirteen) vigorously promote the development of aviation economy. Through the scientific development of the civil aviation industry, the adjustment and upgrading of the industrial structure will be promoted, and regional economic development will be promoted. Encourage all areas with their own conditions and characteristics of the development of airline passenger and cargo transport, general aviation, aviation manufacturing and maintenance, aviation finance, aviation and tourism, aviation logistics and air transport relying on high value-added products manufacturing industry, build aviation industry chain. Select some areas to carry out pilot demonstration zone of aviation economy, and speed up the formation of Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Beijing Tianjin Hebei Airport Industrial Agglomeration area.
Three, policy measures
(fourteen) strengthening legislation and planning. Improve the airspace management laws and regulations, and promote the revision of the Civil Aviation Law of the people's Republic of china. We will strengthen legislation on aviation safety, air traffic, airworthiness approval and general aviation, and establish relatively complete civil aviation laws and standards. National Airspace planning and general aviation industry planning will be formulated to improve the national civil airport layout plan. The local civil aviation development plan should be prepared in all regions, and the links between local economic and social development, land use and urban and rural construction should be completed.

(fifteen) intensify the reform of airspace management. With the full development and effective use of airspace resources for the purpose of accelerating the pace of reform, to create air transport, general aviation and military aviation airspace management and harmonious development of environment, and the demand of military and civilian aviation domain, accelerate the transformation of airspace management mode. Strengthen military and civil aviation coordination, and improve the flexible use mechanism of airspace. Scientific division of airspace categories, the implementation of classified management. Complete the work to promote the reform of low altitude airspace management, establish a scientific theory, regulations and standards, operation management and service system in the field of low altitude airspace management, and gradually formed a complete set of both Chinese characteristics and in conformity with the development characteristics of low altitude airspace management reform organization mode, system arrangement and operation mode.
(sixteen) improve the management system and mechanism. To meet the requirements of the development of the civil aviation industry, to rationalize the management system and mechanism of civil aviation industry, and to strengthen the construction of regional management institutions in civil aviation systems. We will strengthen the management of the civil aviation industry by the competent departments of civil aviation authorities, and improve the assessment system of large state-owned air transport enterprises, and guide enterprises to pay more attention to the social benefits of air transportation. Fully implement the regulations on the administration of civil airports, deepen the reform of the airport management system, and further clarify the main responsibilities and related functions of local governments in the development of airports. Give full play to the basic role of the market in the allocation of resources, and gradually push forward the reform of the price of civil aviation transport, and improve the price formation mechanism. Improve the civil aviation airport and ATC charging policy. To speed up the fuel, aviation, airlines and other services in the field of security market opening, encourage and guide foreign investment, private capital investment in the civil aviation industry.
(seventeen) strengthen the support of science, education and human resources. The civil aviation scientific and technological innovation will be brought into the national science and technology planning system, and the corresponding National Key Laboratory of civil aviation will be established. Strengthen the core technology of air traffic control, airworthiness approval, navigation new technology research and development, and promote the application of Beidou satellite system in the field of civil aviation. Speed up the upgrading of the core information platform of the air transportation system, ensure the safety of the basic information network and important information systems, and enhance the experimental verification ability of the localization of the civil aviation equipment. The implementation of major talent projects, increase flight, aircraft, air traffic control and other shortage of professional personnel training. We should strengthen the industrial characteristics of civil aviation institutions and encourage qualified non civil aviation universities and educational institutions to train civil aviation professionals. Civil aviation administrative organs, professional and technical personnel, salary, etc., tilt policy, and stabilize the ranks of civil aviation professionals.
(eighteen) improving fiscal and taxation support policies. To increase investment in civil aviation construction and development, the central government continues to give priority to supporting the construction and operation of the central and western regional airports. We will strengthen the collection and use of the Civil Aviation Development Fund and optimize the structure of the fund expenditure. The system of administrative requisition for emergency rescue and major special tasks should be improved. Implementing the linkage mechanism of fuel surcharge and fuel oil price. To ensure the construction and development of airports and their integrated hubs, the corresponding tax relief policies shall be implemented in accordance with the regulations. Supporting the qualified airport economic zones to apply for the establishment of comprehensive bonded zones and other special customs supervision areas according to the procedures, and implementing the corresponding tax policies as required. Continue to provide within the prescribed scope of some aircraft, engines, aviation equipment and other import tax concessions.
(nineteen) improving financial services. Study the establishment of diversified private equity investment (Fund) enterprises. Formulate relevant policies to support the development of domestic aviation leasing industry. The banking financial institutions shall be encouraged to provide preferential credit support for the purchase and leasing of aircraft, airports and supporting facilities, and support the listing, financing, issuance of bonds and medium-term notes of civil aviation enterprises. We will improve the credit enhancement system for financing and guarantee of civil aviation enterprises, and encourage all kinds of financing guarantee institutions to provide guarantees for civil aviation infrastructure projects. We will steadily promote the commercial process of the third party war liability insurance of domestic airlines.
All localities and departments should fully understand the important significance of promoting the development of the aviation industry, further unify their thinking, enhance understanding, do solid work, to take effective measures to implement the tasks of the views put forward, to actively coordinate and solve major problems in the development of civil aviation industry, together to create a new situation of the civil aviation industry of scientific development.
The State Council
July 8, 2012

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