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BD800 electronic plug cleaner agent can improve the maintenance and maintenance efficiency of various types of electrical equipment, reducing electrical failure caused by various types of pollution , to ensure the safe operation of electronic and electrical equipment and extend the life of electrical equipment.Product usageUsed for dirt cleaning of grease, dust and mechanical impurities on the program-controlled CNC equipment, aircraft, electronic equipment and components, computers, testing instruments, precision machinery and other devices .Product features★The only aircraft electronic components cleaning products through airworthiness verification in the country;★ Access to invention patents;★Strong solubility to mineral oil , ...
Stains and dirt on the aircraft carpet are distributed in the multi-level carpet structure, and dirty hidden deep in the use of the carpet. BD1100 aircraft carpet cleaner agent is a high concentration of synthetic products, with good cleaning stains effect , which can extend the life of the carpet, and make the carpet color more vivid after washing .Product usageUsed for carpet cleaning.Product advantages★ Contain surfactant, foam stabilizers and fungicides, making the clean effect better.★ The ingredients, including brightener agent and anti-redistribution agent, can extend the life of the carpet and make the carpet more vivid colors after washing.★ environmentally and friendly products, will not adversely affected ...
Passenger Cabin Maintenance classificationCR611 Stainless steel brightenerCR610 Stainless steel brightenerCR560 Screen cleanerCR550 Cabin cleanerCR520 Air freshenerCR510 Gum removerCR501 windshield glass cleaner Locomotive maintenance classificationBD900 Aircraft parts cleanerBD800 Electronic plug cleanerCR102 Diesel locomotive single link cleanerCR170 Insulator cleanerDM Water-based metal detergent800DM Multi-functional heavy clingage cleanerCR160 Motor insulation cleanerCR150 Air filter cleanerCR140 Loosening agentCR130 Rust removerCR120 Carbon deposit removerCR110 StripperCR101 Fin cleaner
BD700 Cabin Cleaner is made by efficient, environmentally and friendly imported surfactants that can quickly break down, emulsify and chelate surface stains, easily remove dust, fingerprints, foodstuffs, fruit juices, tea stains, coffee stains and oil from the cabin, keeping the surface clean as new. Add moderate bactericidal ingredients,  sterilization and disinfection could be realized on the surface, to prevent the spread of bacteria.Product usageUsed for aircraft cabin, kitchen, toilet and others inside the aircraft. The product can effectively remove all kinds of dirty on aircraft internal materials, including paint, metal and plastic hard surface. The airport waiting room seats, tables, railings and glass cleaning can also u...
Before painting the aircraft, if there is oil or other residues on the surface of the aircraft, will not only affect the appearance, but also affect the quality of the paint, and it is easy to cause bubbling, cracking, shedding as a result. During the maintenance of the aircraft, if there leaves residual oil, lubricants, dust, imprinting and other dirt on the surface of the structural parts, it will affect the bond between the structural components and reduce the adhesion between the structure, thus affecting the structure safety. The BD600 multipurpose safety solvent has excellent cleaning and degreasing properties for pre-painted metal surfaces, effectively activating and cleaning epoxy and polyurethane primers without corroding metals and light me...

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