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Handling the odor in the bathroom is a prominent problem in the process of cleaning cabin. BD500 sanitation agent can not only permanently remove the smell of aircraft toilet and sewage tank, but also can kill harmful bacteria, inhibit the growth of bacterial .It is the first choice for toilet cleaning products.Product usageBD500 sanitizer is suitable for all kinds of aircraft, used for deodorization and sterilization of aircraft toilets and sewage tanks, and for deodorization in other areas such as warehouses.Product advantages★ Sterilization function, it can effectively kill Staphylococcus aureus, hepatitis virus,   and gonorrhea virus.★ Quickly remove the odor in the toilet , and prevent bad smell.★ Can be long-term inhibition of bad smell.★ Surfactants are biod...
Product usageUsed for routine maintenance of aircraft sewer systems and leaks during shutdownProduct advantages★ The only aircraft sewage system cleaning products through the domestic airworthiness certification ;★ Effective removal of hard scale on the vacuum toilet system pipes, sewage tanks, components and parts;★ Excellent thixotropy can improve residence time of the cleaner agent in the vacuum system pipe ;★ Can be directly used for the removal of scale deposits on the bedpan;★ No effect on acrylic plastic and coating;★NonflammableTechnical specificationsSAE AMS 1640 BSAE AMS 1476 BThe airworthiness approval numberHH0123-AADReplacement parts numberHoneybee60Usage methodDo system leak test for 5 minutes .1. Pour about 2 liters of detergent in eac...
Fresh air and clean environment in the cabin can provide passengers with good experience. At the same time, reducing the harmful bacteria in the air could help human breathe safely. BD400 air freshener effectively kill harmful bacteria in the air, use natural high-quality fragrance so that aromatic lasting, and will not cause discomfort to the human respiratory system. The product does not produce any corrosion to the aircraft internal structure and equipment , no combustion, high security. The storage and use are safe and convenient.Product usageApplicable to aircraft cabin, kitchen, toilet and others inside the aircraft . The product can effectively remove the odor of the aircraft cabin; kill harmful bacteria in the air; re...

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