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DRJ-2 aircraft surface cleaner

Listing date: 2017-06-13

Timely cleaning of the aircraft to keep the surface of the aircraft clean, which can also reduce the increased weight, increased resistance and lift reduction of aircraft caused by the air pollution , and these factors will affect the aircraft fuel consumption, while cleaning the aircraft also enhance the image of the airline. DRJ-2 aircraft surface cleaner agent is water-based general-purpose products for the aircraft daily cleaning , has a good cleaning effect on both the painted and non-painted surface .

Product usage

Used for cleaning civil aircraft surface and accessories. (little viscosity, the temperature is lower than 15 ℃ when used)

Product advantages

★ Add strong penetrant, enhance the permeability of stubborn dirt, improve the dispersion of dirt, can quickly and safely remove the dirt on the aircraft surface;

★ Has a good cleaning effect on both painted and non-painted surface ; easy to clean, and does not produce any scratches;

★Surfactants are biodegradable, environmentally and friendly products, friendly to environment and human;

★Does not produce hydrogen embrittlement to all metal on the plane , safe to non-metallic, including polyacrylic acid and polycarbonate plastic, without damage to the paint layer.

Technical specifications

Boeing D6-17487 R

AMS 1526C

AMS 1527C

The airworthiness approval number


Replace parts number

CEEBEE280, Turco5948

Usage method

Select the ratio of 1:15 diluted with water according to the degree of surface contamination, spray the dilution to the surface of the aircraft with the equipment or long handle brush, brush with a brush, and finally rinse with water.

Required preparation tools

1. Long cross soft brush

2. Stampable liquid container

3. With pressure water gun

4. Plastic barrels for storing liquid (also for measurement)  

Product storage and transportation

1. Avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight during storage

2.General transport

3. Shelf life of 2 years


1. The product is not suitable for cleaning the engine and aircraft parts.

2. Cleaning under normal temperature, without heating, operating in the ventilation .

3. The cleaner agent is alkalescent, slight stimulation to the skin, should avoid prolonged contact, the operation should be equipped with labor protection products.

4. Splash into the eyes with a slight irritation, should immediately rinse with water.

5. Please refer to the relevant content of aircraft manufacturer on the maintenance when using.

Manufacturer information

Manufacturer: Beijing Yadirit Aviation Chemical Products Co.Ltd

Address: Industrial Technology Development Zone, Miyun County, Beijing

Sales Department Tel: 010-89099818

Technical Department Tel: 010-69048047


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