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Listing date: 2017-06-04

During the daily cleaning and maintenance of the aircraft, Wiping out some of the jelly, such as chewing gum, plate glue, carpet glue, are often time-consuming and laborious. Yadirit's BD100 Gum Remover is a high-grade solvent, can easily clean the vast majority of types of adhesives. It is easy, time-saving and efficient to use.

Product usage

Used for the removal of a variety of signs of glue, it can also be used to remove a variety of fabric adhesion of the glue, beverages and oil and so on.

Product advantages

★ The only glue-removing products that through the airworthiness test in the country ★ more easily remove stickers, adhesives, and gum confection.

Technical specifications

The product complies with SAE AMS 1550 B

The airworthiness approval number


Replacement parts number

3MCleaner, NW-021

Usage method

The product is aerosol cans packaging, shake the aerosol cans up and down for several times when using, directly inject, wipe the spray site gently with cloth or cotton ball held up by tweezers.

Product packaging and storage

1. Packing specifications: 524g / cans

2. Keep in cool, dark place, and ventilated storage


1. Avoid direct contact with the skin.

2. Inadvertently splashed into the eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

3. Keep the product away from high temperatures, sparks, flames, and places where static electricity is generated.

4. Please use in well-ventilated environment.

5. Can not be used to clean the dirt on the surface of polycarbonate and polyacrylate.

Manufacturers information

Manufacturer: Beijing Yadirit Aviation Chemical Products Co.Ltd

Address: Industrial Development Zone, Miyun County, Beijing

Sales Department Tel: 010-89099818

Technical Department Tel: 010-69048047


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