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BD501 Deodorant

Listing date: 2017-06-04

In daily operation of the aircraft, due to the frequent use of aircraft toilets, irregular cleaning will form stubborn stains and odor, so the toilet pipelines need to be cleaned regularly. BD501 deodorant can effectively remove oil and odor.

Product usage

BD501, reactive deodorant, is light yellow transparent liquid, containing ingredients of special effective deodorant, anti-sterilization. It can quickly eliminate the odor from the source, with the functions of eliminating toilet odor, kitchen odor, smoke and other odor , making the air fresh and natural. Applicable to aircraft, ships, trains and other places for odor treatment.

Product advantages

★ With a high efficient effect of deodorant , widely available;

★ Wide range of antibacterial effect;

★ Green environmental protection;

★ Nonflammable

Technical specifications


The airworthiness approval number


Usage method

1. The product does not need to be diluted, you can spray directly.

2. Rotate the spray canister from "OFF" up to "SPRAY" or "STREAM".

3. Aim the nozzle at the source of the odor and press the wrench repeatedly to spray it.

4. After using, rotate the spray canister from "SPRAY" or "STREAM" up to "OFF".

Disposal information

Waste and residual paints should be disposed of in accordance with local and regional regulations. For other disposal information, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.


(1) If possible, recycling or recycling.

(2)For a small amount of residue, can be dissolved in water. If it is in line with the local requirements, the sewage can be discharged into the groundwater pipeline.

Storage and operation of safety instructions

1) Do not swallow, avoid splashing into the eyes or mouth.

2) If you accidentally spill into the eyes and mouth, rinse immediately with water.

3) Keep in cool, dry, dark places and ventilated sealed.

Manufacturers information

Manufacturer: Beijing Yadirit Aviation New Materials Co. Ltd.

Address:North Chengjiazhuang Village,Shilibao Town, Miyun County, Beijing   

Sales Department Tel: 010-89099818

Technical Department Tel: 010-69048047


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