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Listing date: 2017-06-04

Stains and dirt on the aircraft carpet are distributed in the multi-level carpet structure, and dirty hidden deep in the use of the carpet. BD1100 aircraft carpet cleaner agent is a high concentration of synthetic products, with good cleaning stains effect , which can extend the life of the carpet, and make the carpet color more vivid after washing .

Product usage

Used for carpet cleaning.

Product advantages

★ Contain surfactant, foam stabilizers and fungicides, making the clean effect better.

★ The ingredients, including brightener agent and anti-redistribution agent, can extend the life of the carpet and make the carpet more vivid colors after washing.

★ environmentally and friendly products, will not adversely affected the cleaning material and the environment.

Technical specifications

In line with AMS1630C, used for a variety of carpet cleaning.

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Replacement parts number


Usage method

Local cleaning: spray the cleaning agent solution or dilution to the stains, brushing the carpet along the fiber with a brush . Finally, wipe the foam and dirt with a clean towel .

Large area cleaning: According to the degree of carpet pollution, dilute the cleaning agent with 5-15 times water, and then add the diluent into the carpet cleaning machine tank, cleaning with the machine .


If accidentally spilled into your eyes, rinse with water.

Manufacturers information

Manufacturer: Beijing Yadirit Aviation Chemical Products Co.Ltd

Address: Industrial Technology Development Zone, Miyun County, Beijing

Sales Department Tel: 010-89099818

Technical Department Tel: 010-69048047


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