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BD1200 Leather Cleaner

Listing date: 2017-06-04

In the daily operation of the aircraft , there is need for regular cleaning of the aircraft's leather seats. BD1200 leather cleaner agent can remove the stains on the leather to restore the original tincture and hand feeling of the leather.

Product usage

BD1200 is used for cleaning, maintaining various types of leather products, and can quickly remove the dirt on the leather surface . After maintaining, the leather products will be clean, soft, and form a breathable protective film.

Product advantages

★ Strong decontamination. Rapid removal of dirt on the leather products surface , and no damage to the leather surface;

★ Maintenance of leather. Active ingredients make leather soft, restoring the original tincture of leather;

★ Improve leather comfort. The treated leather feels good.

Technical specifications

Boeing D6-7127P


The airworthiness approval number


Usage method

1. Rotate the spray canister from "OFF" up to "SPRAY" or "STREAM". 

2. Press the handle repeatedly, spraying from a distance of 250px , and then wipe  clockwise with a clean and dry soft cloth to the best brightness .

3. After use, rotate the spray canister from "SPRAY" or "STREAM" up to "OFF".

Disposal information

Waste and residual paints should be disposed of in accordance with local and regional regulations. For other disposal information, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.


(1) If possible, recycling or recycling.

(2) For a small amount of residue, can be dissolved in water. If it is in line with the local requirements, then the sewage can be discharged into the groundwater pipeline.

Storage and operation of safety instructions

The product should be stored under normal temperature and dry conditions, away from light and keep out of reach of children.

Manufacturers information

Manufacturer: Beijing Yadirit Aviation New Materials Co. Ltd.

Address:North Chengjiazhuang Village , Shilibao Town, Miyun County, Beijing  

Sales Department Tel: 010-89099818


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