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BD800 electronic plug cleaner

Listing date: 2017-06-13

BD800 electronic plug cleaner agent can improve the maintenance and maintenance efficiency of various types of electrical equipment, reducing electrical failure caused by various types of pollution , to ensure the safe operation of electronic and electrical equipment and extend the life of electrical equipment.

Product usage

Used for dirt cleaning of grease, dust and mechanical impurities on the program-controlled CNC equipment, aircraft, electronic equipment and components, computers, testing instruments, precision machinery and other devices .

Product features

★The only aircraft electronic components cleaning products through airworthiness verification in the country;

★ Access to invention patents;

★Strong solubility to mineral oil , can effectively remove the dirt, such as hydraulic oil, lubricants, grease, dust and rosin and other pollutants;

★ Good compatibility with metal and nonmetallic materials.

★ Less tension and viscosity of the cleaner agent surface, strong penetration, high speed of evaporation , cleaning parts generally do not need to be wiped or dried, they can be completely volatile.

★ Non-flammable, safe to use.

★ Non-toxic, harmless to the human body

Technical specifications

US military standard MIL-C-81302D, MIL-PRF-29608 (AS)

The airworthiness approval number


Replacement parts number


Usage method

Shake the aerosol cans up and down or left and right repeatedly for several times when use, keep the aerosol cans a distance of about 15 ~ 20cm from the cleaning parts, and then press the valve of the aerosol cans , spray to the cleaning parts from top to bottom or from left to right repeatedly. If the area of cleaning equipment is large, can lay the cotton yarn or cloth in the below of the equipment , to receive the dirt, so as not to pollute the workplace.


1.Should do compatibility testing on the cleaning parts of the plastic and rubber parts before using, if they appear to dissolve or swell, then the cleaner agent can not be used.

2.The environment should have good ventilation (the maximum allowable air environment up to 1000mg / L).

3.The cleaning parts cannot be put into use until the cleaner agent is completely evaporated.

4. Avoid prolonged inhalation of large amounts of volatile gases or contact with eyes and skin.

5. Avoid swallowing and keep out of reach of children.

6. Empty cans with pressure, do not burn.

Manufacturer information

Manufacturer: Beijing Yadirit Aviation Chemical Products Co.Ltd

Address: North Chengjiazhuang Village, Shilibao Town, Miyun County, Beijing   

Sales Department Tel: 010-89099818

Technical Department Tel: 010-69048047


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