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YD-201 airport pavement

Listing date: 2017-06-13

YD-201 airport pavement deicing / anti-icing fluid can effectively remove the thin ice, snow, frost on the runway, apron and taxiway , can loosen the ice in a very short period of time , and easy to clear away. Besides, Save energy and time than the traditional purge greatly .

Product usage

Used for deicing operations on the airport runways, aprons and taxiway .

Product advantages

★ Low freezing point;

★ No metal corrosion;

★ Low BOD and COD, environmental protection, pollution-free.

Technical specifications

In line with the standards of SAE AMS 1435 and MH / T 6034-2004.

The airworthiness approval number


Usage method

According to factors of the degree of ice, ambient temperature and snow,diluted with a certain amount of water and spray directly.

Product storage

1. Stored under normal temperature, keep in dry places and away from light.

2. Does not burn, convenient and safe for transportation and storage.

3. Shelf life of 2 years.


1.The product does not apply to deicing, anti-ice of the aircraft .

2.The cleaner agent is alkalescent, has a slight stimulation to the skin , you should avoid prolonged contact,and the operation should be equipped with labor protection products.

3. Splashed into the eyes with a slight irritation, you should immediately rinse with water.

Manufacturer information

Manufacturer: Beijing Yadirit Aviation Chemical Products Co. Ltd

Address: Industrial Technology Development Zone, Miyun County, Beijing

Sales Department Tel: 010-89099818

Technical Department Tel: 010-69048047



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