Bathroom Glass Cleaner

Scope of application: Bathroom glass, mirror, bathroom basin, bathtub, ceramic tile, floor, wall, stainless steel, faucet, shower and other surfaces.

Product features: Using a brand-new high-quality formula, rich in super bright cleansing factors, quickly decompose stains, just spray and wipe. Clean colleagues have powerful antibacterial functions to protect a healthy bathroom environment. Safety and environmental protection, no residue, no harm to the appliance itself and the human body, extending the service life of the appliance.

Use procedures: Shake the product before use, open the nozzle, and spray evenly to the place where the scale accumulates, wait a few minutes, wipe with a sponge or soft cloth, and rinse with water.

Standards compliant: Q/YDLT01-2019

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Sales: 80,000+ bottles


500ml/btl 24btl/ctn