BD200 Cleaner

Scope of application: It is used to dredge and descale of aircraft sewage systems.

Product features: Aircraft lavatory and sewage pipeline products that have passed the airworthiness verification of China Civil Aviation can effectively remove hard scale in the vacuum pipeline and reduce clogging. The sewage pipeline equipment vehicle has obtained a national patent.

Use procedures: Add BD200 to the toilet bowl,flush the toilet to put the toilet system cleaner into the waste line,let the lavatory system cleaner stay in the waste lines as long as possible.

Airworthiness certificate number:HH0122-AAD

Standards compliant: SAE AMS 1476C SAE      AME 1640C      SAE AMS 1454

The above company has purchased

sales: 1,000,000+ bottles


1L/btl 4L/bbl 12btl/ctn 4bbl/ctn