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Fresh air and clean environment in the cabin can provide passengers with good experience. At the same time, reducing the harmful bacteria in the air could help human breathe safely. BD400 air freshener effectively kill harmful bacteria in the air, use natural high-quality fragrance so that aromatic lasting, and will not cause discomfort to the human respiratory system. The product does not produce any corrosion to the aircraft internal structure and equipment , no combustion, high security. The storage and use are safe and convenient.Product usageApplicable to aircraft cabin, kitchen, toilet and others inside the aircraft . The product can effectively remove the odor of the aircraft cabin; kill harmful bacteria in the air; re...
Using aircraft cabin’s toilet usually leaves visible scale and urinary alkali , which not only affects the use of passengers experience, but also reduces the clean image of the airline. BD200T cleaning agent directly act on the sediment, effectively remove hard scale, and have no harmful effects on the aircraft toilet system piping and other equipment . Product usageBD200T cleaner agent is used to remove hard surface scale on bathroom mirror, basin, faucet, and the scale, urine, soap, yellow spots and so on on the plastic floor around the toilet. It can also be used to remove oxidation spots on the stainless steel surface.Product advantages★ The only toilet and sewage system cleaning products thr...
During the daily cleaning and maintenance of the aircraft, Wiping out some of the jelly, such as chewing gum, plate glue, carpet glue, are often time-consuming and laborious. Yadirit's BD100 Gum Remover is a high-grade solvent, can easily clean the vast majority of types of adhesives. It is easy, time-saving and efficient to use.Product usageUsed for the removal of a variety of signs of glue, it can also be used to remove a variety of fabric adhesion of the glue, beverages and oil and so on.Product advantages★ The only glue-removing products that through the airworthiness test in the country ★ more easily remove stickers, adhesives, and gum confection.Technical specificationsThe product complies with SAE AMS 1550 BThe airworthiness approval numberHH00...
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