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Date: 2014-07-01
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(1) Carpet stains

A. Stains, dirty distribution at the carpet level

The multi-layer structure of the carpet makes it easy to bury stains and dirt. Stains not only stay on the carpet surface, but also deep into the fibrous tissue entanglement of the care layer. Lime, sand deep into the second, third supporting layer, becoming hidden dirt, and constantly damage the carpet fiber. The carpet is constantly wiped, stains, dirt will be buried deeper and deeper.

B. Blanket stains, dirt classification:

a. Water-based and dry stains, dirt

  Most of the carpet stains are water-based and dry substances, including dust, sand, starch, soft drinks, tea juice and fruit juice about 80% -85% of all stains, dirt, especially fine dust, mostly attached to the carpet surface. Larger dirt particles will fall on the support layer.

b. Oil-based stains, dirt (including moving, vegetable oil, cosmetics, shoe polish) and so on.

c. Protein-based stains, dirt (which includes blood, vomit, urine, food), these two types of stains and dirt account for about 15/20%.

(2) the treatment in the use of specific carpet stains

Clear the common stains of carpets:

Edible oil stain: To remove with gasoline or carbon tetrachloride and other volatile solvents, and  use alcohol to clean the remaining part.

Soy sauce stains: Firstly, brush new stains with cold water, and then detergent can be removed. previous stains can be brushed with warm water added detergent and ammonia scrub, and then drift with water.

Shoe grunge: Wipe with petrol, turpentine or alcohol and wash with soap.

Urine stains: New stains can be washed with warm water or 10% ammonia solution. Previous stains firstly need to be washed with detergent, and then with ammonia, pure wool carpet need to be washed with citric acid.

Juice stains: Firstly, with 5% ammonia solution, and then use detergent again. But the ammonia makes damage on the wool carpet fiber, therefore it should be minimized used, generally clean it with available citric acid or soap, alcohol can also be used.

Ice cream stains: Wipe with gasoline.

Wine stains: New stains can be washed with water. Previous stains need to clear with ammonia plus borax solution. If it is made of wool, silk material, then the carpet can be cleaned with oxalic acid.

Coffee stains, tea stains: Wash with ammonia. Silk, wool carpet, dip 10-20 minutes with oxalic acid cleaner and then wash, or with 10% glycerol solution cleaning.

Vomit stains: One way is to wipe with gasoline, then wipe with 5% ammonia, and finally wash with warm water. The other way is to wet the vomit with 10% of the ammonia, and then wipe with soap added alcohol, and finally wash up with detergent.


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