After-sales service

'Customer-centric', pay attention to the needs of each customer

      Yadilite’s response time requirements for customer problems are to reply to the customer’s feedback progress within 24 hours and provide a clear solution within 48 hours.

1) A special customer complaint hotline is set up to provide customers with channels for promptly raising questions and needs. Announce complaint calls to customers, and the quality supervision department of the Quality Technology Center arranges special personnel to answer the complaint calls, record related content, and encourage customers to feedback after-sales service information through the hotline to improve service quality.

2) Regularly organize improvements through customer feedback forms. Compile a customer feedback form, collect customer opinions from the customer service center, and organize various responsible departments within the company to improve customer opinions on a monthly basis.

3) The technical support department visits customers regularly. In addition to telephone communication, the technical support department regularly visits important customers, collects customer opinions and suggestions, and organizes solutions to provide feedback to customers

Adilite adheres to the concept of 'customer-centric' to continuously improve its own strength, and can provide customers with better services while meeting the requirements of major airlines and MROs. Adilite believes that customer recognition is the driving force for our progress, and all recognition is based on quality and service. We hope that we can become your most trusted supplier and partner.