YD-PD680 Type II Cleaner

Scope of application: To remove oil, carbon deposits, grease, fuel, organic resin and other dirt on the surface of aircraft parts. It also be used to remove anti-corrosion coating and ultrasonic cleaning of parts. 

Product features: Low ordor and high flash point, leaves no residue after cleaning, conforms to numerous corrosion test requirements( no corrosion to aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, steel, carbon steel, copper and other metals).

Use procedures: Spraying, dipping or brushing. Soak tanks should be constructed with a lid in order to minimize solvent losses by evaporation. 

Airworthiness certificate number: HH0275-AAD          

Standards compliant: MIL-PRF-680C TypeII、BAC5750R

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