BD200A Toilet Cleaner

BD200A Toilet Cleaner

Application: BD200A cleaner is a thixotropic acidic liquid cleaner, which is mainly used to remove hard water scale and other fouling from vacuum and recirculating toilet system pipes and sewage tanks.


Effectively removes hard water scale from vacuum toilet system pipes and sewage tanks;

Excellent thixotropy can improve the residence time of the cleaning agent in the vacuum system pipes;

Can be used directly for the removal of scale deposits on the toilet;

No effect on polyacrylate plastics, polycarbonate plastics and coatings;

Safe, non-flammable;

Surfactant is biodegradable, degradation degree>90%.


Daily flushing:

1. Pour 1 liter of detergent into each toilet;

2. Flush the toilet so that the detergent enters the pipe;

3. Repeat the process for each toilet from front to back;

4. leave the detergent in the waste pipe for as long as possible.

Conforms to:

SAE AMS 1640C / SAE AMS 1550B / AIMS09-00-002 Issue3 (Toilet fluids scale remover) / BSS7432(-) (Waste Tank Test)

Airworthiness Certificate No.: HH0006-033

BD200A Toilet Cleaner
BD200A Toilet Cleaner

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