BD1000B plus  Cleaner

BD1000B plus Cleaner

Application: BD1000B plus cleaner is designed for the deep cleaning of aircraft surfaces and producing a long-lasting glossy finish.


1) Safe for metal materials such as aluminum alloy and cadmium-plated steel, and safe for polyacrylic plastics;

2) Excellent ability to dissolve scales;

3) Formation of water-repellent and anti-static protective film to prevent accumulation of dirt;

4) The construction process is simple, changing the traditional water washing to dry cleaning, reducing the process, saving labor hours, and not subject to water and site restrictions;

(5) After cleaning, it can maintain the aircraft finish and save fuel consumption.                                

Usage: To clean light oil scale, it is recommended that the ratio of cleaning agent and water is 1:1-1:5; to clean heavy oil scale, the original liquid can be used directly. Repeated brushing is helpful to heavily polluted areas.

Apply the mixed cleaner evenly on the surface of the fuselage, and then wipe it according to a certain pattern until the stains are removed; then wipe the surface of the fuselage with a clean and dry cotton cloth.

Airworthiness Certificate No.: HH0006-031

Conforms to: SAE AMS 1526C, SAE AMS 1530C,

Boeing D6-17487T (Exterior and General Cleaners)  

BD1000B plus  Cleaner
BD1000B plus  Cleaner

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