YD-3819 WIPE paper

YD-3819 WIPE paper

Application: YD-3819 series wipes can be used in aircraft manufacturing, maintenance and daily cleaning process, according to aircraft maintenance and repair manual to select the pre-impregnated solution for equipment, parts, fuselage, cabin, pipeline oil cleaning.

Product series:

 YD-3819-001 Anhydrous ethanol;

 YD-3819-002 Isopropyl Alcohol;

 YD-3819-003 YD-1452 Diyajie® Complex Quaternary Ammonium Disinfectant;

 YD-3819-004 YD-680 TYPE II Cleaner;

 YD-3819-005 MIL-PRF-5606 Compliant Products;

 YD-3819-006 Acetone;

 YD-3819-007 Butanone.


 Highly efficient water and oil absorption;

 Soft material that will not scratch or damage surfaces;

 Can be used with a variety of solvents to increase the efficiency.                                     


 Dry wipes: Open and use.

 Pre-Saturated Wipes: Open the package and pull out the wipe, wipe the desired cleaning surface, if the dirt is heavy, please repeat the above operation until clean.

Airworthiness Certificate No.: HH0006-035

Conforms to: SAE AMS 3819D

YD-3819 WIPE paper
YD-3819 WIPE paper

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​Dry wipes: 300pcs/ctn; wet wipes: single package, 10pcs/pack; or specified by customers.