YD-601 Paint remover

YD-601 Paint remover

Application: A neutral paint stripper with hydrogen peroxide catalyzed system, mainly used for stripping epoxy resin, epoxy primer, polyurethane and other paints from the surface of aircraft and its parts. Meanwhile, it can be used for the removal of airport runway, taxiway and city road marking paint.

Advantages: ◆Low odor; ◆Thixotropic paint stripper is fast in stripping off coatings; ◆No damage to aluminum, steel substrates and their surface metal plating; ◆No halogenated solvents, phenols, chromates, ammonia, friendly to the environment.                                  


◆ Keep the surface of the paint layer clean and dry;

◆ Evenly apply the paint remover to the surface of the paint layer;

◆When the paint layer is bulging, some tools can be used to make the paint layer peeled off with the help of external force;

◆ Repeat the above steps if necessary;

◆ Remove the stripped paint film and the remaining paint remover with a brush or other tools, and then rinse with high-pressure water;

◆ Use a light alkaline solution for cleaning;

◆ Thoroughly rinse the surface of the aircraft or workpiece with clean water.

Airworthiness Certificate No.: HH0006-009

Conforms to: BSS7432 (Paint strippers)  

YD-601 Paint remover
YD-601 Paint remover

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