YD-8 Preservative

YD-8 Preservative

Application: Used for light anticorrosion of aircraft fuselage structure and various common metal materials.



1.Aerosol can package: Shake well before use, hold the aerosol can so that the nozzle is about 20-30cm from the construction surface, press the button to spray evenly, and the thickness of the wet film is 20-30μm. For hard to reach areas, extended linear nozzles can be used.

2. Drum package: Spraying with a specially designed ACS - spraying system (air mixing application equipment) or AAS - system (airless application equipment), wet film thickness of about 20-30μm.

Airworthiness Certificate No.: HH0006-036

Conforms to: BMS 3-23K

YD-8 Preservative
YD-8 Preservative

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400ML/bottle or 20L/drum