CR206Paint remover

CR206Paint remover

Description: CR206 Paint Remover is a highly effective solvent-based paint stripper used to remove primers and topcoats from metal surfaces, including epoxy primers, polyurethane topcoats and other coatings.   


◆ Non-flammable; 

◆ Low volatility; - Safe for metal materials.               


◆ Use at temperatures from 7°C to 35°C (45°F to 95°F);

◆ Apply, brush, spray or soak the surface to be stripped with CR206 Paint Stripper;

◆ Allow 15 minutes for the stripper to fully react with the paint film;

Peel off the loose paint film, then scrape off the paint film and residue with a scraper;

◆ A plastic sheet or film can be placed under the stripping section to collect the stripped paint film;

◆ Temperature and humidity conditions determine the stripping time, which can be extended or shortened according to the actual situation;

◆ Paint stripping efficiency may vary for different paint layers from different manufacturers, so it is recommended to evaluate the stripping time at the first use.                       

Confirms to: SAE AMS 1375

CR206Paint remover
CR206Paint remover

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